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Exclusive Private Transportation, min 3 pax

Duration 9 hour(s)


From 10:00 to 18:30 hrs. Daily

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We begin our Experiential and Personalized Tour Taking Highway 190 towards the east and only 25 min. is the Municipality of Sta. María EL Tule. It is there in the atrium of the eighteenth century temple where you can find the largest tree in the world, the "Tule tree" or Ahuehuete with more than 59 meters. Of perimeter and an age that exceeds 2000 years old. Continuing our tour and only 15 min.

We will arrive at a house-workshop of a Zapotec family in one of the most ancestral communities of the state. Teotitlan del Valle: world renowned for the elaboration of wool rugs that show traditional and modernist designs made on domestic looms using natural dyes extracted from insects, vegetables and minerals for their coloring. Such as cochineal, indigo and rock moss, among others creating a wide range of colors.

We continue our tour to the archaeological zone of Mitla or Leobaa (place of the dead) is located in the center of the town of the same name. Standing out for the exquisite architecture in its walls assembled by thousands and thousands of small frets, the harmony of its buildings and the human proportion of its patios, this being a Zapotec militarist Center, residence of the ecclesiastical power.

On the way back and before visiting a Mezcal palenque we will stop at a restaurant to eat and recharge. In the palenque we will take a brief tour to see and understand the process of making this organic and artisanal drink that is obtained from Agave or Maguey. And we will have the opportunity to taste some qualities and flavors of this drink of the gods.

Our Services Include
Tourist Guide accredited by SECTUR.

SCT certified operator.

Exclusive unit for tourism with air conditioning.

Travel insurance.

First aid kit

Water on board (private service)

Our services do not include
Admissions to Archaeological Zones, Museums and / or sites to visit.





The agency, in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Tourism in coordination with the Ministry of Health, establish the recommendations for the Tourism Sector in order to prevent and mitigate the risks of contagion as much as possible through measures of personal hygiene, the environment and healthy distance, as a priority in the New Normal; Based on the traffic light by regions published in the DOF on May 14, 2021, which establishes a strategy for the reopening of social, educational and economic activities.

For our transportation. It is mandatory:

Operators and guides with mouth covers and gloves. The tourist with mouth covers.
The units programmed to their different routes will be disinfected at the beginning and antibacterial gel, antibacterial wet towels, liquid soap with water will be carried.
• When boarding the unit, the tourist will wear his mouth cover and his temperature will be taken.
• The tourist will be recommended to wear long-sleeved clothing.
• Special attention will be paid to the cleaning and disinfection of handles, handles, steering wheel, seats and all objects of continuous contact, prior to the entry of passengers and after their descent.
• Sanitize transport units at each visit to a tourist attraction.
Depending on the unit, the operation of the vehicles will be 100% when we are in the green phase, at 75% during the yellow phase, 50% in orange traffic lights, limiting their capacity. Example
• Car in service, green phase 4 passengers, orange phase 2 passengers
• Suburban in service, green phase 8 passengers, orange phase 4 passengers
• Express van or Toyota green phase 14 passengers in orange phase 7 passengers
• Sprinter or crafter green phase 20 passengers in orange phase 10 passengers
• Bus in green phase 50 passengers, in orange phase 25 passengers.
Inside the unit they will sit separately, in case of being a family they will be able to stay together, during the tour the recommendation will be made to the clients that they stay in the same seat.
The guide will give the explanation in open areas or spaces, taking into account the healthy distance, wearing his mouth cover and mask.
Identify well those tourists from countries that have suffered major cases of coronavirus.
In restaurants it is suggested that the units stop at different times, as well as at different places to eat and in this way avoid crowding.
• Review the possibility of generating a food service schedule for restaurants.
Obviously, this must be issued in order to offer its services.
• A short questionnaire will be made of questions to the tourist as a protocol of action
- If a family member presented symptoms of coronavirus.
-If she has traveled to other destinations before being with us.
- If the tourist has symptoms before starting the tour. Provide you with an emergency number.
- If you begin to feel symptoms during the journey, you will be provided with a room while the health authorities are notified for transfer to a medical unit
- Ask the tourist information about a responsible family member if required


• Wash hands frequently and / or disinfect with antibacterial gel. the unit operator will be the one to load the luggage. after disinfecting your hands and spraying a disinfectant substance on your luggage.
• Wear a mask during the entire operation.
• The temperature should be taken at the beginning of operations.
• Take customers' temperatures before approaching the unit.
• Maintain a healthy distance from passengers, Greeting and farewell without physical contact (no hugging, no shaking hands, no kissing or any other gesture of physical approach)


• No support will be offered with the handling of luggage, each person must take it to the foot of the transport, where the operator of the unit will be the one who will load the luggage, after disinfecting their hands and spraying the luggage with a disinfectant substance.
• Passengers must know the protocols and agree to them.
• They should allow their temperature to be taken before boarding.
• Maintain a healthy distance between them
• Use face masks throughout the tour. GUIDES OR HOSTS.
• Wear a mask during the entire guided tour.
• Verify that customers agree to respect the protocols of the sites to visit.
• Verify that passengers maintain a healthy distance between themselves and others.
• Verify that suppliers do not saturate customer service spaces.
• Maintain a healthy distance from site personnel, suppliers, and customers.


• Expand the supply of suppliers in artisan workshops, after verification that they comply with hygiene and safety protocols.
• Manage a schedule of visits with all providers at established times, with the aim of improving care and ensuring healthy distance.
Suppliers must have teams that constantly disinfect and monitor compliance with cleanliness and healthy distance between visitors.
• Provide personal protective equipment to clients if they do not have it. with an additional cost to the tour

* Important Notice: The opening of any of the aforementioned places is subject to their availability.

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